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Jul 19, 2019

A friendly and energetic team of community managers from the Cardano Foundation join the hosts of TCE to discuss their activities with the community members of the Cardano Project and objectives with the Ambassador program. Watch Episode 36 and view more information on Youtube:

Jul 14, 2019

Exciting new developments in the business arm of Cardano - Nicolás Arqueros and Ruslan Dudin of Emurgo join TCE to discuss Emurgo's recent updates for projects and releases. We talk about Yoroi, Seiza, staking simulator, and much more. Watch Episode 35 on Youtube:

Jun 22, 2019

David Esser, Samuel Leathers, and Alejandro Garcia join us to talk about the Shelley testnet. We address all three phases of the rollout and what the community can expect. Watch the full episode on Youtube.

Jun 19, 2019


Jun 9, 2019

Charles Hoskinson and David Esser joins us on this marathon of an episode to talk about the new and improved Cardano roadmap, the upcoming testnet, the phases of Cardano, and to answer community questions. Watch the full episode on Youtube.