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Jun 9, 2019

Charles Hoskinson and David Esser joins us on this marathon of an episode to talk about the new and improved Cardano roadmap, the upcoming testnet, the phases of Cardano, and to answer community questions. Watch the full episode on Youtube.

Jun 3, 2019

Robert Kornacki, dlab/Emurgo Fellow and founder of Syre, joins us to discuss how to achieve transaction surety. Syre is a tokenless invoice based protocol designed to make sending cryptocurrencies easy and worry-free. It is blockchain agnostic and easy to implement while providing users with peace of mind for every...

May 20, 2019

When Shelley? When staking? When testnet? When roadmap? Find out the latest information about Cardano in this episode. As we leap towards decentralization, we welcome David Esser to the podcast. He is the senior product manager for IOHK.


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The Cardano Effect: 

May 18, 2019

Far more advance than technical analysis, Umed and Elliott use specialized analysis skills and proprietary artificial intelligence to provide insight on the value of digital assets. In this episode of The Cardano Effect, they describe some of the methods used by Oqulent and S.E.R.R.I. Technologies in their rigorous...

May 16, 2019

Blockchain developer and Youtuber, Hashoshi, joins us to talk about his experience working with Cardano, Plutus, smart contracts, dapps, and more.


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The Cardano Effect:

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